• Since 1965, we have been builting only these equipment and especially in full automation systems. We have been supplying it to more than 20 countries 80 cities world wide. Line up of our products have variousmodels from “HANDY TYPE” TO “ON TABLE TYPE” and”FULL AUTOMATIC SYSTEM”. And almostof them have been built by “Order assembling” style. Since user’s requests and target materials are multifarious, it is by no means easy settling the equipment to the safisfaction of them.


    We made therefore, major parts as our standard, and according to the user’s request, select suitable parts and build up as a equipment. By this way, we can offer them in short time and low cost with full satisfaction of our users.satisfy by fixed product model. In opposite side, if it is Full order made style, the cost and delivery time will be unacceptable conditions.This system is only way to solve these conflicted conditions we think.


    Target fluids are fluid chemicals, plastics, with multiple components and heavy duty grease, popular adhesives regardless of volume, viscosities, type of dispensing Multiple components material, such as Epoxies, Polyurethanes, polyesters. Single component material, This category has far too many materials to mention in detail but includes such commonly known products as; RTV silicones rubber, oil, grease, solvents, glues, putties, sealants, caulking etc Of course, all of our products can be offered in any unit by user’s request. We make full test by using User’s actual works and materials before our shipping so that enables installation in short time.


    Our products are not only fluid application equipment but also expanded to items which related to the applications. Only SANSOW offers such a wide range of equipment in the world. Our related products is as follows.


    Vacuum chamber, Vacuum pump unit, Vacuum control parts and Vacuum gauge etc.


    Heating device for Preheating or Curing. Batch type box oven or Tunnel type continuous furnace.


    For mass production line of small parts. Simlifying and standardizing production processes or quality control.


    Flushing unit for two-component materials at the end of the dispensing. Solvent sink to cleaning parts with ventilation booth.